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UNAS 3500 Biomedical Research Ethics (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Biomedical research aims to understand the underlying causes of disease in order to alleviate human suffering and to deepen our knowledge of the inner workings of biological processes. Advances in these areas have brought numerous successes, saving many lives and greatly contributing to our understanding of biology, physiology, and anatomy at multiple levels. However, these advances have also brought related questions about biomedical research's aims, scope, methods, and consequences. How have these advancements changed our understanding and treatment of disease and illness? Are there limits to what biomedical research should pursue? How are the needs of the present held in tension with the demands of the future? This course will examine these questions by drawing upon history, literature, and ethics to examine the growth and development of biomedical research and its effects, which continue to shape society's future direction.

Instructor(s): Jiin-Yu Chen

Prerequisites: None

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Comments: Juniors and Seniors only please.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17