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UNAS 1115 Writing Style: Sentence Mechanics (Summer: 1 )

Course Description

From a stylistic perspective, this course examines one of the building blocks of any piece of writing—sentences. Although writing a sentence is often taken for granted, in fact writing even a single sentence involves many choices. For any sentence, usually there isn’t only one way to grammatically structure it, isn’t only one way to arrange its parts, isn’t only one way to word it. This course unpacks important stylistic choices, demonstrating that how a sentence is written determines what meaning it conveys. To better appreciate sentence mechanics, students will analyze the writing style in published articles and posts, and will also complete short writing exercises and assignments and analyze their own writing style. Through this practice, students will learn how to write sentences that are clear and effective.

Instructor(s): Dustin Rutledge

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17