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Religious Education Courses (TMRE) School of Theology and Ministry

Subject Area Course # Course Title Semester Credit Hours
TMRE 7000 Contemporary Approaches to Religious Education Spring 3
TMRE 7053 Spiritual Sources of Catholic Education and Catechesis Fall 3
TMRE 7073 Adult Believers in a Postmodern Context Fall 3
TMRE 7076 Education of Christians: Past, Present, and Future Spring 3
TMRE 7077 Catechetical Leadership Fall 3
TMRE 7083 Education for Justice and Peace Spring 3
TMRE 7085 From Vision to Program for Youth&Young Adult Faith Fall 2
TMRE 7089 Christian Religious Education, Ministry, & Culture Spring 3
TMRE 7101 Directed Research in Religious Education Fall/Spring 3
TMRE 7102 Directed Research in Religious Education Fall/Spring/Summer 3
TMRE 7104 Transforming the Field of Catholic Education Fall 3
TMRE 7117 Catholic Higher Education Spring 3
TMRE 7119 Religion and Higher Education Fall 3
TMRE 7155 Catholic Higher Education Administration & Leadership Summer 3
TMRE 7161 Mission, Curriculum, and Pedagogy: Teaching High School Religion Summer 3
TMRE 7168 Foundations of Christian Education Summer 3
TMRE 7191 The Craft of Teaching Theology: A Pedagogical Toolkit for the High School Teacher Summer 1
TMRE 8075 Teaching Theology and Religion: Fundamental Questions Spring 3
TMRE 8081 Religious Education in an Interreligious Context Summer 3
TMRE 8527 Doctoral Seminar in Religious Education Fall/Spring 3

Last Updated: 05-FEB-13