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TMPS 8007 Contextual Education (Fall/Spring/Summer: 5 )

Course Description

This is the supervised ministry requirement of the MATM and MAPM, completed in the latter part of degree work. Composed of two elements: work at a supervised ministry site; and participation in the classroom component (on-campus for MATM students; on-campus and online for MAPM students). The experience runs across both fall and spring semesters. Ministry sites must be investigated and established prior to the beginning of the fall semester (for MATM students) or the Summer Institute (for MAPM students). Therefore students should work in the prior spring semester with the faculty director of Contextual Education to initiate the placement process.

Instructor(s): Theresa O'Keefe

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Contextual Education is offered in the summer for 2-credits for MAPM students and 5-credits for MATM students. It is offered in the academic year for 5-credits.

Last Updated: 31-Jan-18