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Pastoral Studies Courses (TMPS) School of Theology and Ministry

Subject Area Course # Course Title Semester Credit Hours
TMPS 7001 Liturgical Movement and Body Prayer Summer 2
TMPS 7006 Grief and Loss Fall 3
TMPS 7015 The Creative Word Spring 3
TMPS 7017 Liturgical Preaching I Fall 3
TMPS 7018 Death and Dying Spring 3
TMPS 7029 Foundations in Prison Ministry Spring 3
TMPS 7037 Pastoral Care of the Aged, the Demented and Their Caregivers Spring 3
TMPS 7041 The Practice of Ministry with Youth and Young Adults Summer 3
TMPS 7060 Education in Faith: Foundations and Practice Fall/Summer 3
TMPS 7061 A Survey of Canon Law Fall 3
TMPS 7062 Pastoral Care on the Edge:Fostering Resiliency Fall 2
TMPS 7066 Grief and the Bible Spring 3
TMPS 7071 The New Evangelization Fall 1
TMPS 7078 Pastoral Care of the Family Spring 3
TMPS 7079 Spirituality & Sexuality Fall 2
TMPS 7080 Spiritual Formation for Ministry Fall/Spring/Summer 1
TMPS 7087 Structures of Pastoral Leadership in Local Church Spring 3
TMPS 7090 Ministry in a Diverse Church: Latino Perspectives and Beyond Fall 3
TMPS 7093 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling: A Narrative Approach Fall/Summer 3
TMPS 7096 Professional Ethics for Ministry II Spring 0
TMPS 7101 Directed Research in Pastoral Ministry Fall/Spring/Summer 2
TMPS 7105 Career and Calling Spring 3
TMPS 7120 Psychotherapy and Spirituality Fall 3
TMPS 7122 Theology in Context: Faith and Culture in American Catholicism Fall 3
TMPS 7125 Quieting the Storm of Trauma: Spiritual Resources for Healing Fall/Summer 1
TMPS 7127 Abundant Life in Christ Summer 1
TMPS 7130 Spiritual Direction and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Summer 3
TMPS 7135 Fear, Sex and Faith: Struggles for Fullness of Life in Christ Summer 1
TMPS 7140 Marriage and Family Summer 2
TMPS 7141 Faith and Spirituality in a Digital Age Summer 1
TMPS 7142 Spirituality, New Media, and the Religiously Unaffiliated Summer 1
TMPS 7143 Mapping Campus Ministry: Culture, person and strategy I Summer 1
TMPS 7144 Mapping Campus Ministry: Culture, Person and Strategy II Summer 1
TMPS 7145 Flourishing: The Healing Power of Joy Summer 1
TMPS 7150 Principles of Liturgy and Prayer Leadership for the Lay Minister Fall 3
TMPS 7157 In the Footsteps of Leaders Summer 3
TMPS 7160 Management in Ministry Summer 3
TMPS 7162 Rereading Thomas Merton for the 21st Century Summer 1
TMPS 7163 Pope Francis: A Challenging Papacy Summer 1
TMPS 7165 Spirituality, Media and Technology Summer 1
TMPS 7170 Dorothy Day: A Revolution from the Heart Summer 1
TMPS 7171 Cultivating Spirituality in a Technological Age Summer 1
TMPS 7173 All Shall Be Well: Psychological and Theological Resources which Promote Flourishing for Individuals and Communities Summer 3
TMPS 7174 Structures of Ecclesial Life and Ministry Spring 3
TMPS 7182 Pastoral Care in/with Communities of Faith: Creating Networks of Care Fall 3
TMPS 7183 Pastoral Care and Trauma Spring 3
TMPS 7184 Culturally/Multi-Culturally Competent Pastoral Care and Counseling Spring 3
TMPS 7185 Prenuptial Investigation and Preparation Spring 1
TMPS 7186 Leadership for Ministry Spring 1
TMPS 7187 M.Div. Spiritual Formation Fall/Spring 1
TMPS 7188 Immigration: Theological and Pastoral Considerations Spring 1
TMPS 7189 Wise and Holy Women and a Few Good Men Summer 1
TMPS 7190 Ministering with the LGBTQ Community Summer 1
TMPS 7192 Pastoral Care in Times of Crisis Summer 3
TMPS 7196 RCIA: Canonical and Liturgical Perspectives Fall 1
TMPS 7197 Building Intercultural Competence Fall 1
TMPS 8006 Ministry and Theology of the Sacrament of Reconciliation Spring 3
TMPS 8007 Contextual Education Fall/Spring/Summer 5
TMPS 8008 Rites Practicum Spring 3
TMPS 8019 The Canon Law of Marriage and the Sacraments Fall 3
TMPS 8023 Professional Ministry Practicum Fall/Spring 3
TMPS 8024 CPE Reflection Experience Fall/Spring/Summer 1
TMPS 8034 Introduction to the Practice of Spiritual Direction Fall/Spring 3
TMPS 8035 Women in Ministry Spring 3
TMPS 8046 Identity: From Discovery to Integration Spring 3
TMPS 8047 Ministry for Mission Seminar Spring 3
TMPS 8048 Master of Divinity Closure Seminar Spring 3
TMPS 8049 Post-Masters Certificate in Spiritual Formation: Traditions of Prayer and Discernment Summer 2
TMPS 8050 Post-Masters Certificate in Spiritual Formation: Spiritual Direction Summer 2
TMPS 8051 Post-Masters Cert:Spir Form:Arts&Grp Models/Direct Summer 2
TMPS 8079 Walking in the Dark: Mapping the Terrain of Depression and the Dark Night. Spring 3
TMPS 8080 Trauma, Resiliency and Post-Traumatic Growth Spring 3
TMPS 8088 Calling out from the Depths: Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the Psalms Fall 1
TMPS 8515 Advanced Professional Ministry Practicum Fall/Spring 3

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