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Christian Ethics Courses (TMCE) School of Theology and Ministry

Subject Area Course # Course Title Semester Credit Hours
TMCE 4472 Buddhist Ethics in Theory and Practice Fall 3
TMCE 7004 The Moral Dimension of the Christian Life Summer 3
TMCE 7008 Introduction to Catholic Social Ethics Fall 3
TMCE 7034 Critical Ethical Issues Spring 3
TMCE 7038 Professional Ethics for Ministry I Fall 3
TMCE 7052 Theological Bioethics: From the Basics to the Future Fall 3
TMCE 7101 Directed Readings Fall/Spring/Summer 3
TMCE 7110 Buddhist Thought and Practice Spring 3
TMCE 7113 Meditation and Action: Interfaith Explorations Spring 3
TMCE 7121 Catholic Higher Ed Administration&Leadership Summer 3
TMCE 7124 Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology Fall 3
TMCE 7164 Fundamental Moral: Call and Response Spring 3
TMCE 8002 Fundamental Moral: Theological Ethics Fall 3
TMCE 8056 Human Genetics and Biotechnologies:Challenges for Theological Ethics Spring 3
TMCE 8059 Social Justice and the Bible Spring 3
TMCE 8063 Social Ethics in Feminist Perspectives Fall 3
TMCE 8072 Human Genetics and Biotechnologies: Challenges for Science and Religion Spring 3
TMCE 8508 Seminar: Magisterium and Contemporary Moral Debates Fall 3
TMCE 8518 Global Health and Theological Ethics Spring 3
TMCE 8519 Catholic Healthcare: History, Contexts, Values, and Principles Spring 3
TMCE 8520 Ethics in an Ecumenical Perspective Fall 3
TMCE 8521 The Virtues and Catholic Social Teaching Spring 3
TMCE 8541 Disability Studies and Theological Ethics Spring 3
TMCE 8546 Social Sin, Responsibility, Accountability and Justice Fall 3
TMCE 8551 Moral Authority, Conscience, Virtue, Natural Law Fall 3

Last Updated: 05-FEB-13