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THTR 1027 Theatre Production Lab II: Dramaturgy (Fall/Spring: 1 )

Course Description

The course will be based on the practical application of Dramaturgy Basics: THTR2240. The major emphasis is on the practice and application of the art and science of dramaturgy. Students will apply the knowledge of Dramaturgy Basics to a Theatre Department production. Students will implement typical dramaturgical tasks and receive guidance and feedback on their execution. More importantly, the lab will frame the dramaturgical point of view so students will be able to effectively navigate the role in production. Over the course of the semester students will work on: Script selection and analysis, production dramaturgical research and response, in rehearsal practice and protocol, audience contact, program notes, lobby display and talk backs, new play development, building a theatrical season, and civic engagement.

Instructor(s): Theresa Lang

Prerequisites: With permission of the Instructor.

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