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THEO 1226 Religion, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation in South Africa (Summer: 3 )

Course Description

We will begin the course in Cape Town and then move to Pretoria for the remainder of the course. We will cover the following topics: key points in the history of South Africa; religious perspectives on apartheid; intellectual and armed conflict; fifty years of American foreign policy toward South Africa; Desmond Tutu and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; reparations, forgiveness, trauma and healing; economic empowerment, gender. justice and religion; refugees, migrants, and xenophobia; HIV/AIDS; Christians-Jews-Muslims in South Africa; community organizing and economic justice


Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: INTL1226 AADS1226

Comments: The course requirements and evaluations are based on the following: daily journal and reflection pieces; class participation; and a final paper. For the duration of the program, the class will meet from 9:00 am to approximately 1:00 pm in the arranged classroom followed by lunch and an afternoon excursion.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17