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THEO 1162 The Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives II (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The Religious Quest explores the individual and communal search for wisdom about human nature, the world, ultimate realities and God, and secrets of love and death, as well as enduring values to live by and paths to spiritual maturity. Although each section is different, likely themes include symbols, myths, doctrines, rituals, holy texts, saints, comparisons and contrasts between traditions, relevance of classical religious traditions to issues in today's world, interreligious dialogue today, and religious diversity in the Boston area. Each section brings the Biblical and Christian tradition into conversation with at least one other religious tradition.

Instructor(s): DeLongBas-Islam
Morris-Judaism & Islam

Prerequisites: You must take THEO1001 Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives I for Theology core credit.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Religious Quest courses present Christianity and at least one other world religious tradition. Students are strongly encouraged to take both semesters of the same Religious Quest class. If circumstances require switching sections, students need permission of the instructor of the spring term course and may be asked to do additional background reading and writing for the religious tradition(s) not covered in their first semester of the course. You must take both sections of the Religious Quest I and II (THEO1161-THEO1162) first Part I, then Part II to receive Theology Core credit. There are no exceptions. Please see specific instructor's section for additional information.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17