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SOCY 7703 Multivariate Statistics (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Starting with the Spring semester of 2018 this course will assume knowledge of the material covered in the current version of SOCY7702 and that includes (1) a solid background in Stata programing and (2) a recent course in basic statistics. We will be switching from SPSS used last year to Stata to be used this year. We will cover exploratory factor analysis, logistic regression, basic discriminant analysis, and multiple imputation to deal with missing data; but our focus, and more than 50% of the course, will deal with multiple regression and related issues and procedures including: data transformations, analysis of residuals and outliers, interaction terms, quadratic regression, dummy variables, analysis of covariance, stepwise regression, and path analysis. This course does not require a knowledge of matrix algebra or calculus. Students who are advanced undergraduates or graduate students from other departments are welcome, but you must first get the written permission of the instructor.

Instructor(s): John B. Williamson

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Requirement for sociology graduate students.

Last Updated: 28-Sep-17