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SOCY 5510 Approaches to Mixed Methods Research (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Mixed methods research is moving across the social science landscape. Funding agencies now require a mixed methods component in their funding guidelines. This course introduces a range of mixed methods designs approached from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. We introduce a "hands on" approach to explore elements of mixed methods projects - from the formulation of questions to data collection, analysis and interpretation. We utilize a computer assisted program to analyze and interpret mixed methods data. Students will develop a mixed methods research proposal project or conduct a critical review of existing research employing mixed methods designs.This course welcomes graduate students from a range of the health sciences, education as well as the social sciences and humanities. We examine how mixed methods research can promote credibility of evidence within given mixed methods projects.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Sharlene Hesse-Biber

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17