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SCWK 7794 Immigrant and Refugee Issues in the United States (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

An overview of the prominent theories, major issues, and controversies in immigration policy is presented. While immigration has become a crucial concern of the American social welfare system as well as an issue of global urgency, immigration controls the fate of growing numbers of asylum seekers. The course will discuss the special needs and problems faced by immigrant and refugee clients and communities; adaptation and coping with a new culture; refugee experience; the impact of relocation on individuals, families, and communities; and a range of world view perspectives including acculturation & assimilation, biculturalism, marginality, and traditional ethnic identities.

Instructor(s): The Department

Prerequisites: SCWK7721. SCWK7721.

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Comments: Elective

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17