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PSYC 4476 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Memory enables you to have skills, to communicate with other people, to make intelligent decisions, to remember your loved ones, and to know who you are. Without memory, you would not be you. Although human memory has been studied for over two thousand years, the neuroscience of human memory has only been studied for the last two decades. In this course, following an introduction on memory processes and brain regions of interest, we will discuss the following key topics on the neuroscience of human memory: the tools of cognitive neuroscience, explicit (conscious) memory in space, explicit memory in time, explicit memory failure, working memory, implicit (nonconscious) memory, explicit memory and other cognitive processes, explicit memory in animals, and the future of memory research.

Instructor(s): Scott Slotnick

Prerequisites: PSYC2272.

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