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PSYC 4447 Individual Differences and Social Behavior (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course will study a series of individual differences or personality variables such as narcissism, self-esteem, defensive styles, fear of success/self defeat, and the Big Five. Each of these personality variables will be studied in a framework that focuses on the context of development as well as the traits and behaviors which are consequences (and correlates) of these personality variables. While the social context (of development) will be emphasized, the biological and cultural contexts will also be presented. Issues surrounding measurement and change in these variables will also be discussed.

Instructor(s): Donnah Canavan

Prerequisites: PSYC1111. PSYC1111, PSYC1120, PSYC1121, and either PSYC2241 or PSYC2242.

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