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PSYC 3389 Sex and Aggression (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Have you ever wondered why animals are attracted to the opposite/same sex, why they attack other animals, how they decide with whom to mate or whom to fight, and how drugs of abuse hijack natural rewards like mating, parenting, and aggression? In this course, we will study how genetic and neurochemical pathways direct males’ and females’ social motivation. We will cover topics such as sex-specific social behavior, same-sex sexual partnerships, monogamous rodents, neurochemistry of human pair-bonding and violence, and drug impairment of natural reward. In the last few weeks of the course we will discuss the way sex research is covered by the media and its social implications within the legal system such as the burgeoning field Neurocriminology.

Instructor(s): Kyle Gobrogge

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17