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PHIL 6894 Paul Ricoeur on Human Being (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The course focuses on the question of human being as explored by Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005); a French philosopher who has been characterized as “one of the giants” of contemporary continental philosophy as well as one of the most enduring and wide-ranging thinkers in the twentieth century. Ricoeur attested that the anthropological question of being able and not able (“puissance et impuissance”) is the ultimate purpose and goal of his philosophical explorations. The main aim of this course is to clarify Ricoeur’s claim that a certain positive human capability can be indirectly shown in the necessarily limited activity of human life. In spite of being bound to “fallibility” or “fallenness,” the human self is nevertheless “capable de faillir,” or capable of manifesting itself through practical action that leads the self to have a notion of itself. We will read texts from Ricoeur's early phase that ground his later explorations.

Instructor(s): Timo Helenius

Prerequisites: None

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