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NURS 9751 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Various qualitative approaches to research typically used in nursing and health science will be examined. Topics will include research paradigms, postpositivism, critical, constructivism, participatory, qualitative rigor, ethics, problem identification, research purpose and specific aims, literature review, sampling strategy and techniques, sample, multiple data collection techniques, data management, multiple strategies for data analysis, differentiating data vs. findings, constructing findings that are congruent with the research aims and specific qualitative approaches, and conclusion-drawing. The course will provide students with experience in conducting data analysis from several qualitative approaches, as well as presentation and critique of in-class and homework data analysis activities.

Instructor(s): Danny Willis

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Nursing PhD Program OR permission of Teacher of Record (TOR); NURS9701; NURS9712; NURS9808; NURS9809; NURS9810 Permission of TOR is required for non nursing students.

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