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NURS 7557 Pediatric Primary Care/Advanced Practice Nursing II (Spring: 6 )

Course Description

This course builds on NURS 7457. The focus is on management of children with more complex or chronic health problems. Theories and research from nursing and other disciplines are synthesized, with special consideration of the influences of culture and SES on wellness and health care. Students continue in precepted clinical practice (20 hours/week) to develop advanced skills in differential diagnosis and gain increased comfort in managing psychosocial problems. In consultation with preceptors, students make referrals, develop treatment and teaching plans with clients, document accurately, and further develop confidence and competence in the role of pediatric nurse practitioner.

Instructor(s): The Department

Prerequisites: NURS7420. NURS 7420, NURS 7430, (NURS 7672 or NURS 6408) NURS 7450, NURS 7457.

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