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NURS 7537 Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing Across Life Span II (Spring: 6 )

Course Description

In this second Family PMHNP course, students build on the theoretical frameworks of NURS7437 to continue to examine major DSM-5 diagnoses that occur in childhood, adolescence and throughout adulthood. Students apply models of individual, family and group psychotherapy from NURS7438 (NU445) Advanced Practice Theories of Psychotherapy and NURS7538 (NU545) Advanced Theories of Family & Group Psychotherapies, and pharmacologic approaches from NURS7420 (NU420)Advanced Pharmacology and NURS7426 (NU426) Advanced Psychopharmacology. Crisis management, prevention/health promotion, continuous quality improvement and allocation of services including case management, collaboration, consultation and referral are analyzed. In the clinical practicum (minimum 250 hours) students synthesize their diagnostic and clinical reasoning abilities and advance their treatment skills as members of the multidisciplinary team.


Prerequisites: NURS7430. NURS 7430, NURS 7420, NURS 7672, NURS 7437, NURS 7438.

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