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NURS 7457 Pediatric Primary Care/Advanced Practice Nursing I (Fall: 6 )

Course Description

This clinical course is the first of two advanced practice specialty nursing courses for preparing pediatric nurse practitioners. This course focuses on health promotion and maintenance and prevention of illness and disability, as well as assessment, diagnosis, and management of common pediatric problems/illnesses. Anatomical, physiological, psychological, cognitive, socioeconomic, and cultural factors affecting a child's growth and development are analyzed. Parenting practices, family life styles, ethical issues, and environmental milieu are also explored. Students engage in precepted clinical practice (20 hours/week) where they apply their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills and are guided by critical thinking and clinical decision making.

Instructor(s): The Department

Prerequisites: NURS7430. NURS 7430, NURS 7672 or NURS6408 and NURS 7420.

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