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MUSP 1615 Irish Fiddle/Experienced Beginner (Fall/Spring: 0 )

Course Description

For students who have taken a full semester of Beginner Irish Fiddle (MUSP1600) or have at least one year's experience playing the violin. This class will help students continue in the development of violin technique. Students will learn more advanced Irish dance tunes with some beginning ornamentation (bowing and fingering). Students may take the experienced beginner class for more than one semester until they feel ready to move to the Intermediate level. Violin rentals are possible. A small portable recorder is required. Fall participants may continue in spring semester, but new students may not enroll in spring semester.

Instructor(s): Sheila Falls-Keohane

Prerequisites: MUSP1600. MUSP1600.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Performance course.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17