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MKTG 8018 Organizational Structure for Data Driven Insights (Summer: 3 )

Course Description

Despite the proliferation of data and analytics in businesses, organizations fail to realize the full potential of big data. In order for an organization to become data-driven, the organizational design, organizational structure, and managerial systems need to support such a culture. The course is organized in four modules. The first module will discuss major organizational design decisions based on challenges created by big data. The second module will focus on decision making systems that integrate data analytics. Effective team design will be the core topic of the third module. The fourth and final model will focus on mechanisms to establish a data-driven organizational culture.

Instructor(s): Zeynep Aksehirli

Prerequisites: MKTG7700. MKTG7700 or MKTG7720.

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Last Updated: 09-Nov-17