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MGMT 8870 Qualitative Research Methods (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to help you better understand qualitative research methods so as to enable you to be a better researcher and reviewer of work that employs these types of methodologies. Given the variety of methods that fall under the rubric of “qualitative methods,” some classes will discuss general issues or skills (e.g., gaining access, interviewing, observing) that are applicable to several different methodological approaches, while others will focus more specifically on a particular approach (e.g., ethnography, case studies, grounded theory). Skill development is essential to the course, and there will be opportunities to practice specific methodological techniques and to critique exemplary qualitative research.

Instructor(s): Michael Pratt

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Open to current PhD students only (not available for MBA students).

Last Updated: 05-Sep-17