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MGMT 2260 Leadership and Corporate Accountability (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course is designed to provide an overview of the economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities of companies and their leaders. Through a series of case studies, it will demonstrate the acute challenges of ensuring that a company’s conduct conforms to those responsibilities. A major portion of the course will review the principal obligations of corporations to five primary stakeholder groups: investors and shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the general public. Insider trading, fiduciary duties, disclosure of health risks, fairness in pricing, power asymmetries, affirmative action, international labor rights, market failures, privacy rights, environmental sustainability, and corporate citizenship represent some of the issues to be discussed in this segment of the course. A secondary theme is corporate governance. Several cases will explore the proper role of management, the Board of Directors, financial intermediaries, and external regulators.

Instructor(s): Richard Spinello

Prerequisites: None

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