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MGMT 2173 Consulting Practice (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Consulting Practice combines real-world, real-time experience as a management consultant with a classroom component focusing on the methodology and tools used by professional consultants to deliver and manage change projects and drive next-level business performance improvement. The class addresses consultative skills, project management, client management, teamwork, and presentation skills — all in the context of a real-world consulting experience. The project brings students together in teams to work on the challenges and opportunities confronted by leading non-profit organizations. The program advances the paradigm: Management in Service. The program seeks to improve each student’s analytical skills, business vocabulary, and applied management knowledge. Each CSOM CC Project Team (i) analyzes a major client challenge or problem, (ii) recommends, plans, and implements change, and (iii) delivers practical and actionable solutions meeting their client’s needs.

Instructor(s): Scott McDermott

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 06-Nov-17