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MFIN 2207 Real Estate Finance (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course focuses on debt and equity financing of income-producing real property, primarily in the U.S. market. The course will look at both the private debt and equity and public securities markets for real estate finance. Teaching methods include lectures, case study discussions, videos, select chapters in the text and relevant articles, practice exercises in Excel and guest speakers. The course considers real estate finance from the perspective of the users of capital (developers and property owners) and the sources of capital (lenders and equity investors). The course also covers the role of the public sector in using tax payer funds to advance public purposes by offering various kinds of subsidies to developers, and evaluating the relative success of such programs. The primary student goals and learning outcomes are to learn how the private and public securities capital markets provide funds to the real estate industry, understand risks unique to real estate and how to structure a financing of commercial real estate, the ability to discuss and present a professional financing request for real estate debt and equity, and appreciate the diverse ways financing can be used to positively influence community and neighborhood improvement.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): The Department

Prerequisites: MFIN1021.

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