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LAWS 9978 Civil Litigation Clinic (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This civil clinical course allows students the opportunity to practice law under the close supervision of clinical faculty at the BC Legal Assistance Bureau (LAB). Students are legally certified to advise and represent clients in every aspect of civil litigation. Practice areas are family law, landlord-tenant, and public benefits appeals. Clinical faculty provide thorough feedback about students' work at all stages in order to help them build on their skills and learn from their experiences, including written feedback at both mid-semester and end of term. Seven-credit students are expected to spend an average of 20-25 hours/week on clinic matters; ten-credit students average 30-35 hours/week. Pass/fail and variable credit options can only be exercised at the beginning of the term. Enrollment, by lottery, is limited to 18 students in the Fall, and 12 in the Spring.

Instructor(s): Alan Minuskin
Alexis Anderson
Jane Biondi

Prerequisites: Students must take or have taken Evidence.

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