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LAWS 9951 Technology Transactions and Licensing (Spring: 2 )

Course Description

This course will examine, from both the licensor's and the licensee's perspectives, the legal doctrines and related business concepts surrounding the licensing of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and other proprietary rights in technology. Through a combination of case study, problems, simulated negotiations and drafting exercises, students will learn how and why participants in the information economy depend on licensing and related transactions as a vehicle for commercial exploitation of their technology assets and building enterprise value. The course will focus on developing basic, practical negotiating, drafting and analytical skills that students should find useful when advising technology-based clients. Although the course's emphasis on drafting and contract interpretation means it is, in many ways, an advanced contracts course, its reach is much broader and will touch on many other areas of the law.


Prerequisites: Either Intellectual Property Survey or both Patent Law and Copyright.

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17