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LAWS 9922 American Legal History (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course surveys major developments of American legal culture, legal institutions, and the Constitution: (1) the seventeenth-century and British colonization (founding ideas of law and legal institutions; regulation of the family; the witchcraft trials; indentured servitude and slavery; property law; and legal practice and education); (2) the founding period (the legal formation of the United States); (3) the early nineteenth-century and Civil War (antebellum legal culture; the corporation; the Cherokees cases; antislavery and the Fugitive Slave Law; the Civil War and emancipation); (4) Reconstruction to the 21st century (women's suffrage; race relations; labor, property, and the corporation; legal education and the legal profession; the rising importance of rights; Reagan conservatism).


Prerequisites: None

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