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LAWS 9917 Philosophy of Law: Future of International Law (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Taking globalization and the constitutional structure of the global order as points of departure, the course reflects on the future of international law as humanity’s emerging global law of freedom, equality, development, dignity, solidarity, progress, peace, and justice. International law is a creation of interest-charged contexts the curvatures of which are shaped by constellations of values. In the course we will enter these contexts in order to understand them and to be as critical and constructive as we are able to. Readings include decisions from international and transnational courts as well as theoretical works on international law and relations. Students from all schools and departments are welcome to enroll or audit. No prerequisites and no previous knowledge of international law or philosophy is assumed. 3-credits with possibility of 4th credit (additional 15-pages paper). May be taken pass/fail.

Instructor(s): Paulo Barrozo

Prerequisites: None

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