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LAWS 9916 Philosophy of Law: Children and Families (Fall: 2 or 3 )

Course Description

What is a child? What is a family? How does the law constitute childhood & the family? How has this constitution evolved? What place are children given in theories of social justice? How do conceptions of personhood see children? How do conceptions of rights conceive of children as subjects? What rights are recognized & denied children when they're not considered full persons? What authority & duties the state, families, schools, & other institutions have vis-a-vis children? What rights do children have vis-a-vis them? What rights should they have? The course systematically exposes students to the legal foundations of childhood & family life. In the process, aspects of law not otherwise visible are revealed. No previous exposure to philosophy or children/family law is assumed. Graded on final paper. Students/auditors from other departments/universities are welcome. No pre/co-requisites. Variable 2/3 credits. Meets Upper-level Writing Requirement (if taken for 3 credits) & Perspectives.

Instructor(s): Paulo Barrozo

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17