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LAWS 8804 Dynamics of Law, Leadership and Social Justice: The Public Interest Practitioner as an Agent of Change (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The dynamics of sub-systems give insight into larger systemic dynamics; conversely, larger systemic dynamics give insight into issues confronting a team, and a person-in-role. In this interdisciplinary course, students study systemic dynamics (conscious and unconscious) in law, leadership and social justice through the lens of students’ experience-in-role. Students form and work in teams to create a social justice change project, then apply theoretical concepts developed through course materials and discussion to analyze team and leadership dynamics. Students later link team dynamics to the dynamics of larger surrounding systems (class, university, communities, societies) and circle back to reconsider the issues faced by their team. By using their experience as data to form and test hypotheses, students develop their ability to use self-as-instrument to interpret group-level and systemic dynamics. As students understand the relatedness of person-role-system, the possibility for systemic transformation through role is explored. Open to Law, LSE and SSW graduate students. Requirements include class attendance, participation, journals, short papers, team presentation, and team final project and paper. Course is deeply self-reflective and psycho-dynamic in nature and not appropriate for those experiencing personal difficulty. Contact Professor Sarda ( for more information. Limited Enrollment

Instructor(s): Evangeline Sarda

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: SCWK7734

Comments: Satisfies Perspectives on Justice and Law Requirement

Last Updated: 12-Oct-18