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LAWS 8271 Judge and Community Court Seminar (Fall: 2 )

Course Description

This seminar examines through participant observation the functioning of the judicial process in our first-level or community courts. Students undertake this study of judicial performance through clerkship-like fieldwork placements with judges of the Boston Municipal, District, Juvenile, Housing and Land Courts. Students are available to assist their judges with legal research and writing. Students are expected to observe and assist their judges eight hours/week (one full day or two mornings) for which they receive two clinical (pass-fail) credits. The weekly classroom sessions cover the full range of issues which trial judges encounter on a daily basis, including judicial ethics, sentencing policy, ADR, jury management and treatment courts. A twenty page paper describing some aspect of the judiciary's work in these courts is required and serves as the basis for the two graded credits.

Instructor(s): John Cratsley

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17