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LAWS 7740 Current Topics in Regulatory Reform Seminar/Advanced Administrative Law (Spring: 2 or 3 )

Course Description

The seminar will explore administrative process reforms under the current White House & Congress. We will study reforms across a variety of fields (e.g., environmental, financial, health care) with focus on structural & process changes in the administrative apparatus. Likely covered topics include: new Exec. controls of admin. action, impact of greater use of the Congressional Review Act, legal process for rescission of rules, enhanced regulatory authority for states, role of science in admin. decision-making, contours of legal authority for govt. re-organization, changes in enforcement policy, role of the budget in admin. action, & legislative efforts to change the admin. process. Attention will be given to regulatory reform efforts of previous Administrations. Students will be expected to do written work & participate in class. Students electing the 3-credit option will be expected to research & write a more substantial paper (20 pgs) on a seminar topic, which will satisfy the ULWR.

Instructor(s): Elizabeth Foote

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17