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LAWS 6601 Catholic Social Thought & the Law (Spring: 2 )

Course Description

This seminar aims to explore the Catholic vision of the person, the relationship between the person and society, the Catholic vision of what a good or just society looks like, and the role played by law as an institution in structuring the good or just society. This vision includes a distinctive jurisprudential tradition of thinking about the nature and purpose of law and the relationship between law and morality. This seminar provides an opportunity to think in a sustained way about justice: what do we mean when talk about justice, and what is the relationship between legal justice and social justice, as well as between biblical, theological, philosophical, and legal understandings of justice? In fulfillment of the Perspectives on Justice and the Law requirement, our conversations will strive to engage in systematic reflection examining the normative ideal of justice and the role by law and lawyers in promoting justice.


Prerequisites: None

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