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LAWS 6267 Fiduciary Law (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Fiduciary obligations arise in a multitude of private relationships, including business organizations, agency, guardianships, trusts, and professional relationships of various kinds. This seminar will consider fiduciary law as a distinctive legal category and explore fiduciary principles across a wide range of legal subjects. Through the study of statutory and common law fiduciaries – including trustees, corporate directors and officers, partners, agents, lawyers, physicians, money managers and advisers – the seminar will explore why fiduciary duties arise and how obligations and remedies vary for different types of fiduciaries. The seminar will also assess the use of fiduciary law in financial regulation, and the challenges of fiduciary governance in a global business environment. Finally, the seminar will consider how fiduciary principles might be applied to public officials and public institutions.


Prerequisites: None

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