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LAWS 5267 Leadership and Open Government (Spring: 2 )

Course Description

Gov. M. O'Malley leads an examination of the characteristics of effective leadership in public administration, with a focus on methods for infusing government with a culture of analytical, data-driven decision making. You will study how effective leaders use information and data to identify and address challenging public policy objectives: create safe communities; improve mass transit and economic opportunity; ensure health and well-being; stem climate changes, and strengthen the common good. Topics include the value of transparency in government and how to achieve it, fundamental principles of performance metrics, the identification and application of different performance measurement techniques, and the use of information and data across the public sector to spark innovation and drive performance. A working familiarity with these skills -- and the nature of what it means to engage in transparent leadership in an Information Age – will be important for all of tomorrow’s leaders.


Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17