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LAWS 4451 International Arbitration (Fall: 2 )

Course Description

The old maxim "where business goes, disputes soon follow" has renewed vitality in an age of globalization. As cross-border commerce follows American business abroad, and offshore foreign investment flows into the U.S., the potential for clashes in the business expectations of the parties increases. Commercial dispute resolution thus becomes an almost inescapable component of today's private international business experience. Course covers the management of the international commercial dispute process, from inception in the contractual drafting through the mechanics of the dispute resolution process to the enforcement stage. Focus of the course will be on international arbitration, with some consideration of alternative dispute resolution techniques. Original case studies and related materials are largely drawn from actual practice. Course is designed for prospective corporate attorneys as well as litigators. Optional paper of 20 pages is available to provide a third credit.


Prerequisites: None

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