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LAWS 4436 International Human Rights (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

An introduction to international human rights law. We will explore: the philosophical and historical origins of the general Western idea of human rights and how that idea differs both from non-Western conceptions; the customary international law, treaties, instruments, etc. that create and protect human rights; economic and social rights; rights against racial, ethnic, religious, and gender discrimination; rights to self-determination; etc.; the institutions that monitor and enforce human rights law, including in particular regional systems such as that of Europe; the relationship between international human rights law and humanitarian laws of war, the prosecution of international war crimes, and U.S. law with particular focus on torture, anti-terrorism law, and the problems arising from Guantanamo and other U.S. government actions. All of these issues and more will be examined through close study of actual cases, films, videos, and through in-class simulations and projects.

Instructor(s): Daniel Kanstroom

Prerequisites: None

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