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LAWS 4400 Feminist Legal Theory (Fall: 2 )

Course Description

Since the late 20th century, women have lent their own distinctive voice to the discussion of jurisprudence and to a number of substantive topics concerning sex, gender and the law. In this seminar we will explore some of the issues that feminist scholars have raised. The seminar will begin with a historical orientation to feminist legal theory. It will then consider particular areas of law where feminist insight has been particularly strong, such as: 1. Gender equality and the constitution; and 2. Violence against women. Finally, we will consider some more theoretical issues. What is the relationship between feminist theory and other forms of critical theory that have been developed by oppressed groups? What are the problems of essentialism: Does it make sense to speak of "women's" experience, a "women's" viewpoint; or even of "feminist" jurisprudence as a project that represents the interests of "women in general"?


Prerequisites: None

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