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LAWS 3400 Global Migration and the Challenge to Law and Democracy in the U.S. and Europe (Spring: 2 )

Course Description

The surge in the movement of people around the world has become a point of tension in global free market liberalism, impacting relationships between citizens and their governments. Long settled political understandings and social arrangements are coming apart. The course will consider challenges posed to democratic institutions and values in the US and EU by economic globalism and global migration. Some key issues that will be addressed include: Challenges posed by immigration, migration, & legal concept of citizenship: Economic inequality; Terrorism; Rise of right & left wing populism, nationalism, political extremism. Assessment based on research paper of approx. 10,000 words that engages in a scholarly evaluation of a particular issue drawn from material in the course. Students will also prepare a 5-minute oral summary of their topic to be presented in-class and a short reflection on a topic outside of their area of research.

Instructor(s): Vincent Rougeau

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17