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LAWS 3326 Community Enterprise Clinic (Fall/Spring: 4 )

Course Description

This course introduces students to transactional legal work on behalf of low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and first-time home buyers. The fieldwork is based at the Law School’s Legal Assistance Bureau located in the new Center for Experiential Learning on campus. Students will perform all of the legal work and interact with the clients. Students will be assigned to work with entrepreneurs with business-related legal needs; with emerging, community-based small businesses facing corporate, employment or similar legal issues; with nonprofit organizations or groups seeking assistance to establish a tax-exempt organization; and first-time home buyers. For fieldwork purposes students will be assigned seven or ten office hours per week at the clinic, depending on the number of credits chosen by the student. A weekly seminar will address substantive law, ethical issues, and legal skills. The fieldwork is complemented by a weekly seminar.

Instructor(s): Paul Tremblay

Prerequisites: LAWS7750. LAWS7750 - Corporations.

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