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LAWS 3322 Environmental Law Seminar (Advanced) (Spring: 2 or 3 )

Course Description

Environmental Law Seminar (Adv) (LAWS332201) This seminar uses an innovative format: the seminar addresses, and—week-by-week, chapter-by-chapter—analyzes draft chapters of a particular book-in-progress chosen at the start of the semester by seminar members from a list of books-in-progress nominated by law professors around the nation who ask for our confidential help in shaping their work. Books are typically proposed for selection in a wide range of land and environment subject areas. We work with the author on the book throughout the Spring semester; members of the seminar prepare weekly chapter commentaries and a final individual paper summarizing their analyses of the book. (Individual research project papers, which in previous years were part of the seminar, now are available separately via Independent Study.) Two or three credits, variable.

Instructor(s): Zygmunt Plater

Prerequisites: None

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