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LAWS 3310 Advising the Entrepreneur (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

An introduction to the complex challenge of advising entrepreneurs who are planning or developing a new business. It has two principal components. First, law students attend classes at the law school devoted to the development of legal knowledge and counseling skills related to the advising of new businesses. Second, law students meet with entrepreneurs and business owners, typically, actual clients of the course instructors who become clients of the Law School’s Community Enterprise Clinic for purposes of the class, to develop a plan of legal assistance focused on the legal aspects of the client’s emerging business. This advising will take place under the supervision of the course's faculty. Each law student will meet and counsel one or two clients, participate in class discussion of the issues raised by these meetings, complete a drafting exercise, and write a final memorandum concerning the legal issues raised for each client.


Prerequisites: With permission of the Instructor. Corporations, Intellectual Property course (IP Survey, copyright, trademark, or patent). Permission of the instructor is also possible, depending on background.

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