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LAWS 2812 Introduction to Litigation (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course introduces first-year students to the joys and challenges of civil litigation practice by focusing on the specific skills needed, and ethics issues that arise. Skills covered include client interviewing, case planning, fact investigation (including discovery), client counseling, negotiating, and courtroom advocacy. The class will explore how a civil litigator's often competing ethical responsibilities naturally lead to challenges in making strategic decisions. We will cover the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers with special attention to obligations of loyalty, zeal, confidentiality, avoidance of conflicts of interest, fairness in dealing with opponents, and honesty in interactions with courts. The method of instruction will include skills exercises in which students will conduct and critique simulated interviews, case planning and strategy discussions, fact investigation, client counseling sessions, negotiations, and courtroom advocacy presentations.


Prerequisites: None

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