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JOUR 2242 Political Journalism (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course will offer students an introduction to political journalism, how it has evolved since the Watergate era and how it is still changing with recent political developments. We will focus on what distinguishes political reporting, how its practitioners develop tradecraft, and the ethical guidelines around it. There will be special emphasis on the import of political coverage at the local and state levels, and how those spheres frequently differ from media in Washington. Alongside the syllabus, students would be required to follow current domestic political events and bring a base-level understanding of recent American political history. Class discussions will be premised in part on these tracks and will count toward grades. Writing assignments will range from coverage of political events, including local – a board of aldermen’s meeting, for instance, or a state legislative campaign – and national, to analysis of others’ journalism.

Instructor(s): James V O'Sullivan

Prerequisites: None

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