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ISYS 7720 Data Analytics 2: Management and Data Skills (Fall: 2 )

Course Description

Data has become an ever more powerful source of competitive advantage for modern enterprises. New technologies and business practices have led to an “orders of magnitude” change in the amount of data available for analysis, as well as to techniques, often referred to as analytics or business intelligence, which are now available to derive meaning from that data. It is essential that managers develop a deep understanding of how data can be structured, captured, and queried in order to support operations, decision-making, and strategic insight. This course provides students with a deeper understanding of data by exploring the methods by which data is modeled, databases are designed, and data is queried from those databases, and by developing an understanding of how this capability can be integrated into an organization to obtain a competitive advantage. Topics include entity relationship diagramming, the relational database model, and in depth coverage of SQL, as well as a consideration of managerial best practice as exemplified in current business examples.

Instructor(s): George Wyner

Prerequisites: None

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Comments: This course is intended for full-time M.B.A. students.

Last Updated: 02-Apr-18