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ISYS 6620 Marketing Information Analytics (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Firms rely increasingly on vast amounts of data to inform marketing decisions. Coming from many sources, the data offer a myriad of opportunities for analysis, insight, experimentation, intervention and innovation. In this course, students will develop key skill sets at the intersection of Marketing and IT that will equip them for positions such as marketing analyst, database marketer, market analytics specialist, ecommerce strategist, social media specialist or media planner. Students will engage in hands-on statistical analysis of real company and customer data, and use the insights to develop marketing strategies and to measure the success of marketing strategies.

Instructor(s): Alexander Bleier

Prerequisites: MKTG1021. MKTG1021, MKTG1031, MKTG7700, or MKTG7720, and MKTG2153 or MKTG 8001.

Cross listed with: MKTG6620


Last Updated: 24-Jun-17