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ISYS 3345 Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Managing for social impact in the 21st century is a multi-faceted challenge. This course will provide students with an interdisciplinary framework for exploring how corporations engage with social impact issues that are outside the conventional definitions of shareholder value and wealth creation. Through a combination of research, reading, class discussion, group projects and case studies, students will examine and debate the boundaries of corporate social and ethical responsibility for public good. They will learn about the various frameworks and metrics that are in widespread use to measure global and local impacts of large enterprises, including impact investing, public benefit corporations, the Triple and Quadruple Bottom Lines and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Instructor(s): Mary Cronin
Robert Fichman

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Course topics include corporate impacts on sustainability and the environment, economic development and resource allocation, employees and customers, as well as the extended impact of supply chain vendors and partners, impact investing, and the use of technology and social media to manage corporate image and engage with various stakeholder communities. As part of a semester-long team project, students will work together to conduct in-depth research on the multiple social impacts of a selected global enterprise with a Boston-area presence.

Last Updated: 26-Jan-18