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HONR 1131 Being Religious I (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

By many social scientific estimates, Americans are becoming less religious-- more and more adults claim that religion is not important in their lives. But even though more and more people would deny being “religious,” few would deny being “spiritual.” And, indeed, the individual and communal needs once served by traditional religion have not gone away. Most people cannot help but wonder at the universe and their place in it; just about everyone wants a life of purpose and spiritual well-being; and communities need shared symbols and common values in order to thrive. In this year-long course we will investigate how being religious in the modern world compares with being religious in the pre-modern world. In the first semester our focus will be on the ways that some of the traditions and counter-traditions of the pre-modern West met the needs of the spirit.

Instructor(s): Christopher Constas

Prerequisites: None

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